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Panagiotis Zaharopoulos

Hello, my name is Panagiotis Zaharopoulos and I was born at Krestena in 1980. I've been a taxi driver for five years in Pirgos and i am very dedicated to this job. Greece have very beautifull places to go. I have a big new car Mercedes Benz E CLASS with leather seats, airconditioned. It's a big car, enough for 4 adults or 5 (if there are children). I have taken tours for athens several times, olympia, Epicurios APOLLON etc. My father and my brother are taxi drivers too. I have a very good and worthiness family.

Useful Info about your tours. The distance from katakolon to ancient Olympia is 38km. it's about 30min driving so I think you need 2h or 2.5h to see all the archaeological monuments. If you want to visit EPICURIOS APOLLON together with ancient Olympia, I think that 5 hours are enough to make your tour comfortable. There are also a lot of beautiful beaches like skafidia, loutra kyllinis, kaifas etc. I think this information will help you make your trip safe and pleasant. Of cource I speak quite well English so there will be no problems. Thank you.

Katakolo is part of the municipality of Pyrgos (Ilia). The town centre is within a gulf overlooking the Ionian Sea. It has a small port which is the main port of pyrgos, a school, restaurants, a church and a town square. Small hills with forests surround Katakolo. Katakolo is situated on a peninsula and has a lighthouse founded southwest. The Lighthouse katakolon (Faros Katalkolo) was first opened in 1865. It is also a frequent stop for cruise ships on tours of the Ionian and Mediterranean seas. Consequently, many of the shops in the town centre are geared toward foreign tourists.

Panagiotis Zaharopoulos
Your taxi driver in Katakolon.

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