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David Cherny


My name is David Cherny,I am a former Australian who has been living in Israel for the last 28 years.

I am licenced tour guide who specializes with cruise excursions.

A brief visit to israel is an unforgettable experience and with a guide you make the most every precious moment in the holyland.

If you are docking for 2 days I recommend overnighting in Jerusalem the spiritual home Jews and Christians. As well as saving travel time the experience is unforgettable, every client who does thanks me for pushing the idea.

Tour Options

From Haifa:

  1. day trip to Jerusalem

  2. Nazareth and the sea of Galilee

  3. Acco and Safat

  4. Ceaserea, Druze village and zichron Yaacov ( quiet town set up by Rothschild family in 1882)


From Ashdod:

  1. jerusalem -/+ Bethlehem

  2. Dead sea and Massada

  3. Historical Tel Aviv and Jaffa


2 day options:

  1. Nazareth , sea of Galilee overnight in jerusaelm next day tour Jerusalem.

  2. Jerusalem then next day Deadsea, Massada


Looking forward to helping you on your cruise

David Cherny