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George Kokkotos

My name is George Kokkotos. I am a taxi driver in Greece. Not an ordinary taxi driver. I am the Best Taxi Driver in Greece. At least that is what people say and that is what I am trying to be. Ten years ago I sold my restaurant in New York to come back to Greece where my family was and my heart will always be. I had saved enough money to begin a new life but in Greece things are not so easy as in America and so I became a taxi driver to support my family. Being a taxi driver in Athens is difficult. The fares are very low and gas is very expensive.

You hear many stories about the Greek taxi drivers and not to trust them because they will cheat you and though this may be true of some, it is not all of them or even the majority. Very few taxi drivers try to cheat the customer but because of the few, they all get a bad name. But I realized that I did not want to be just another taxi driver in Athens, struggling to feed my family. I decided to become the best taxi driver in Athens and I made this my goal. I began to study the history of my country so I could offer information and be more then just a driver. My experience in my restaurant was good practice for speaking English and being a host and of course I speak Greek and can translate for my customers. Then I began to work with the travel agencies helping them with transfers from the airport to the hotels, to cruise ships, to ferry boats, anything to make their clients trip to Greece easier.

I have a brand new Mercedes Taxi. Fully air-conditioned and very comfortable. I drive very carefully and I do not smoke. I can promise you that if you take a journey with me, whether it is a half day trip in Athens or a week long excursion around the country you will come back with an understanding of Greece that you will treasure and you will have perhaps the best vacation of your life. You will eat the best food and be treated like a guest of my country and when we say goodbye at the airport you will be saying goodbye to a friend you will always remember and hope to see again. That is why I say I am The Best Taxi Driver in Greece.

Sincerely George Kokkotos
Your taxi driver in Greece.

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