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Rhodes Nightlife


When the sun sets, the Island 's restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, pubs, and discos bring night to life. Live music and dancing promise all visitors a cosmopolitan flavor. Most places of entertainment keep the town alive until the early hours of morning.


The brightly-lit neo-Gothic and Venetian style buildings have a particular charm at night. The whole of the new and old town is dotted with discos, bars, pubs and nightclubs where traditional Greek music can be also heard. It's been said that Rhodes has more bars and discos per person than New York, Paris or Berlin.


The island has one of the liveliest night scenes in the whole of Greece - but it's rich and varied consisting of bouzouki clubs, Greek folk dance nights, many reputable dance clubs and some of the country's finest restaurants which have found favour with royalty and international celebrities.


For those of you who don't like pubbing and clubbing, or for those who do welcome a break doing something more relaxing Friends of the pictures will find two multiplex cinemas in Rhodes Town, named Metropole and Palas, showing the latest films but also classics. (Program update twice a week). Most of the films are in the English language with Greek subtitles.


If you fancy trying your luck at the gambling tables, Rhodes has one of the country's few licensed casinos - "Casino Rodos" next to Elli Beach. There are 30 tables and 300 slot machines offering you the opportunity to risk your money until 5am.

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