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Rhodes Cycling

Cycling is a popular sport in Rhodes and a cycling track was introduced as early as the 1930's.

Until 1984, the Rhodes cycling track was the only one in Greece , and all the cycling races of the Greek National Championship took place there. For many years, the Greek National Cycling Team consisted mainly of Rhodians, who regularly held the top positions in the National Championships.

Today, cycling is still a prominent sport in Rhodes and there are four cycling clubs with athletes training in all disciplines Rhodian athletes, men and women, participate regularly in national and international competitions, with great success.

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Rhodes Tae Kwon Do


Michael Karavasilis 1979 Australian champion in taekwondo (ITF).

Black Belt 6 Dan. Opened the first Taekwondo jim (Dojan) in Rhodes in 1980.

His Dojan has a successful course with many distinctions in Greece, Europe and around the world in the Olympic taekwondo (WTF).

Registered coach from the general secretariat of sports, member of the Greek teakwood federation (EL.O.T) and coach of the South Greek National Team (E.TA.N.E). He deals actively with the sport, as an athlete and henceforth as a coach, for 40 years. He's been helping now the new athletes to acquire discipline, self-monitoring and not only exercise their body, but also their mind. Address: Greece, Rhodes, Iwanninwn 13 Analipsi. Tel. 22410-67887


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Rhodes Horse Riding

The first Equestrian Club named, "Cathmos", was formed and since the year 2000, has been hosted in a private 12 acres facility, in Sgourou. It's located 10 kms from the Rhodes City centre and is close to Rhodes-Lindos Ave.

In 2002, the facility was included in the Athens Olympiad, pre-games training for Dressage and Jumping.

Horses are also available for group tours in the forests and mountains surrounding the facility. Tel. 22410 96651

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Rhodes Shooting Clubs

Clay Targets, Air guns and Pistols.

Two clubs promote the sport with very good results, both at national and international level. Today, Rhodes is able to offer excellent facilities for shooting such as the Airguns Shooting Hall, and the Clay Target facility, including all the necessary equipment sufficient for the 25 m and 50 m pistol shooting. The clay targets shooting facility was built in 2007, in the Municipality of Afantou. The Airguns Shooting Hall is located in the city of Rhodes and is also accessible to the disabled. It includes modern equipment, and electromechanical target systems.

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Rhodes Archery Clubs

Archery is a fairly new sport in Rhodes and the Archery Club wasn't founded until 2004. Today, there are two Archery clubs with many athletes, men and women, who participate in the National Championship, with distinctions. The Open Air Municipality Archery field is located in the area of Fytorio, just 5km from the city of Rhodes and 1.5km from Koskinou Village.

A smaller open spaced training field is also available at the Kallipateira Sports Complex. The complex is within the same area, 3 kms from Rhodes city centre.

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Rhodes Golf Club

A Golf course is available at Afandou (17 kilometers south-east of Rhodes City ) The 18 hole, par-73, golf course (6800yards) designed by Britain 's world famous golf course architect, Donald Harradine. Since May 1973 the holes have been made available to golfers. The golf Club is open all the year round. Admission fees are nominal and caddies, caddy carts, golf clubs and balls, as well as instructions, are available at moderate hire charges. Phone: (0030) 22410 - 51451

Mini Golf Courts can be found in all the large hotels and in all the touristy resorts.

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Rhodes Football

There are now 5-a-side football pitches all over the island, and many have lessons for juniors. Good ones in Rhodes town include Rodos Mini Football on the Rhodes-Lindos road, just past Rhodini, and Oasis, near the hospital. The local team, Diagoras play at the Diagoras stadium in Rhodes town. It's not in the top Greek division, but occasionally you can see one of the 'giants' of Greek football, Olympiakos or Panathanaikos, play here in a cup match.

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Rhodes Rugby

Rhodes has a rugby club! The Rodos Rugby Colossi. Rodos Rugby play in the nationwide Greek rugby union competition and are the only club that battles on outside the major population centers of Athens and Thessalonica. The Colossi are also the only team in Greece playing and promoting rugby league and regularly playing sevens and beach rugby in summer.

Find out more at www.rodosrugby.com

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Rhodes Cricket

Anyone interested in playing cricket should contact the rugby club, the Rodos Rugby Colossi.

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Rhodes Tennis

The main tennis club is at Karakonero, on the road from Rhodes Town to Kalithea. There are two red clay courts and several hard courts with floodlights. The club also has three hard courts behind Elli Beach near the Casino. In the summer a cheaper option is to play at one of the many large hotels, although these vary widely in quality.

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Rhodes Gymnasiums

There are many good gyms all over Rhodes . Those at the Grand Hotel in Rhodes town, Paradise hotel in Kalithea, and Oxygen in Rhodes Town , are open all year round. Asana in Rodini has a supervised play area for children.

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Rhodes Ten-Pin Bowling

There are Ten-Pin Bowling alleys in Kremasti (open 10am-2am), Faliraki, Strike Bowling club and Rhodes Town in Zephyros.

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Rhodes Go-kart

There are several Go-kart tracks on the island. There is one in Damatria, one in Lardos and one in Faliraki. The one in Faliraki called Stan's Go-Karts is the easiest one to reach from Rhodes Town.

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Water Sports in Rhodes

The Nautical Club of Rhodes (N.O.R) at the end of Elli beach in Rhodes town has an outdoor swimming pool, though you have to be a member to use it. They also offer swimming lessons if you are not a 'winter swimmer' who can stand the sea all year round, there are indoor pools at the Paradise hotel in Kalithea, the Grand hotel in Rhodes town and others.

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Rowing & Kayak in Rhodes

Since the early 30's, Rowing has maintained a significant presence on the island of Rhodes , with several distinctions and achievements both at national and international level. Suitable locations for training and races are the sea area around the Nautical Club of Rhodes and the artificial lake of Apolakia, in the Municipality of South Rhodes . The various vessels that belong to the Nautical Club of Rhodes are available for use in both areas.

Kayak (level) is a relatively new sport in Rhodes, but despite its short history Rhodian athletes have achieved distinctions at national level.

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Sailing - Yachting in Rhodes

Rhodes is the most important centre in the Aegean for yachting. You can hire various craft, bare-boat or crewed, sail or power. If you have your own boat you can moor it at Mandraki harbor (22410 27690). There is no size limits for boats and all modern facilities are available. Mooring fees on application. Please be warned that entrance is dangerous in strong East to South winds. The Nautical Club of Rhodes (N.O.R.) offers lessons but these are in Greek.

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Scuba diving in Rhodes

Scuba Diving is a real pleasure in Rhodes because its underwater world is magnificent. Almost all the beaches of the island are perfect for this activity but scuba-diving is actually restricted by law around the Dodecanese due to the potential for stealing submerged antiquities. On Rhodes you can dive at "Anthony Quinn Bay" in Ladiko close to Faliraki. Yannis Zouridis of H2O Diving Center http://h2orhodes.net/ give first-class interaction for beginners to enjoy the mysteries of the deep. Also SCUBA EXPERIENCE (LEVEL 1), SCUBA EXPERIENCE (LEVEL 2), EXPERIENCE NITROX, EXPERIENCE CAVERN, EXPERIENCE SHIPWRECK, EXPERIENCE NIGHT DIVE, As well as the following courses FREE DIVER, RESORT DIVER, OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVER, EANX (NITROX) DIVER, ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER, FIRST AID, OXYGEN ADMINISTRATOR, RESCUE DIVER, DIVEMASTER.

For more information contact the Union of Greek Diving Centers on 210 9229532 or 210 4118909).
Waterhoppers (22410 38146), Trident (22410 29160) and Diving Centers (22410 23780) are dive companies located at Mandraki.

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Windsurfing in Rhodes

The North West cost of Rhodes Island in Ixia Bay is the ideal place for windsurfers, this Bay is renowned for its steady cross-shore winds. Strong winds and wavy water conditions makes this the perfect spot for freestylers, racers and kite-surfers. Take this opportunity to learn windsurfing in Rhodes, one of the best windsurfing locations in Europe - or improve your technique in perfect conditions using extensive range of up-to-date JP and Neil Pryde equipment.

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Water skiing and Jet skiing in Rhodes

In every beach resort area you will find licensed operators that can even teach you how to ski. As for jet skis you will find them in several resort areas.

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Bungee Jumping (Bungy) in Rhodes

On Faliraki Beach , only in the summer.

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